Hellcase is one of the biggest and most popular case opening sites. Here’s our unbiased review:

  • Trusted for many years
  • Instant CS:GO skin withdraw
  • CS:GO skin deposit
  • Many cool cases
  • Upgrade game
  • Doesn't show odds
  • No case creator
  • Not provably fair

Hellcase has a great design and is very easy to understand and use. They offer many different cases for different prices so you can also open cheap cases. If you have lots of money, they also have cool expensive cases with high tier CS:GO skins!

There’s 4 different gamemodes you can choose from: Opening, Trade-Up-Contract, Upgrade and Case Battle. Opening is just for normal case opening. Upgrade let’s you upgrade to a CS:GO skin of your choice. Trade-Up-Contract let’s you trade up your skins just like the original one in CS:GO. One big advantage is, that you can do trade-up-contracts with as little as 3 skins. So you don’t need 10 skins with the same rarity like in CS:GO. Case Battle let’s you open cases against your friends. The one who gets more valuable skins out of his cases takes home all the profit.

Hellcase Code

You can use our code “csgosuite” on Hellcase to open free cases and get a 5% deposit bonus.

You can also open free cases every day if you use a Hellcase steam profile picture and put “hellcase.com” in your steam username. Another way to open free cases every day is by adding money to your wallet.

Hellcase case overview

Wallet Codes

You can buy a Hellcase Wallet Code on G2A.com to add money to your Hellcase wallet. G2A Pay allows you to use other payment options like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Hellcase directly only allows Crypto and Credit Cards for deposit, so Wallet Codes can be really useful.

Is Hellcase legit?

Yes, the site is legit. It has been a very reliable Case Opening Site for many years now. Although the site doesn’t show their users the odds for each case, you are still guaranteed to receive your skins and your payments are secure. The site is not provably fair which indeed is a problem. However, over a time of 5 years playing on Hellcase, we never felt like the site is rigged. If you don’t want to play on the site, because it is not provably fair, there are many good alternatives. You can use DatDrop, if you are looking for a provably fair CS:GO Case Opening Site.

Why do they not show case odds?

One of the few controversies surrounding Hellcase is the fact that the site doesn’t show the odds for the cases they offer. You basically don’t know how high the chances are to earn a specific item in the case you want to open. This makes the site less user friendly as it lures unexperienced users into opening high risk cases that offer practically no reward if you lose.

Hellcase Details

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4.3 rating