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How we find the best CS2 Sites

It is our passion to find and list the best CS:GO Sites. We list everything from CS2 Gambling Sites over CS2 Betting Sites to CS2 Case Opening Sites. We are always looking for the best sites, so you don’t go to any fishy websites and get scammed. We have over 7 years of experience in the CS:GO scene and the sites have to match strict criteria to get on our lists. A big problem especially with the CS2 Gambling scene is, that many sites can’t be trusted. Some sites rig their games to get a quick profit. In the past, many active CS:GO players got scammed when they tried to win some cool skins. Those days are now over. With many great sites available and our lists to find the perfect one for you, you will have lots of fun without having to worry about getting scammed.

Criteria to get on our lists

If we want to list a website on, we always make sure that it matches the following criteria. This prevents that low-quality sites or scam sites get listed.

  • The site has to be provably fair or be trusted for a long time. We don’t add a new CS2 Gambling Site when it is not provably fair. The only sites that are on our list, that are not provably fair are Case Opening Sites like Hellcase and Farmskins. Those sites made it to our list because they are active since 2016 with millions of satisfied players.
  • The site must have a legal company behind it. Most CS22 Websites nowadays are run by big companys. This is important because companys are usually required to act within certain laws. This means they can’t just scam you or other users without facing serious legal trouble. We don’t list any sites, when we don’t know who owns or runs the site.
  • Fair odds and good reputation. All Sites on our lists offer fair odds and have a good reputation. This doesn’t mean that you are going to win money, but it means that you have a fair chance to win.

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