Free CS:GO Skins

The Best Sites to get Free Skins for CS:GO

Get CS:GO skins for free

The best and easiest way to claim free CS:GO skins is by using our referral code “csgosuite”. This way you can earn free skins worth up to $50 depending on which gambling site you choose to sign up for. To claim your rewards, all you have to do is sign up on any of our recommended CS:GO gambling sites with your steam account using our link. After you have signed up, you can enter our referral code to get your rewards. If you decide to claim our reward on every site that is listed on our site you will get over 10$ for free instant! You can also claim daily free coins on sites like CSGO500, CSGORoll and CSGOEmpire. You can use your daily free coins to withdraw CS:GO skins.

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Look for giveaways

Another great way of earning free CS:GO skins is by entering giveaways. An advantage of giveaways is that you can win very expensive skins. There’s a big amount of pages on Twitter or Instagram that host skin giveaways almost every week. Entering more giveaways will increase your chances of winning so definitely make sure to enter as many as possible. However, one big disadvantage of giveaways is that you are not guaranteed to win anything. Your chances are likely very small, especially with big giveaways that offer expensive skins. You can follow our Twitter and Instagram to take part in future giveaways!

Earn free skins for CS:GO by completing tasks

You can also earn CS:GO skins by completing tasks like taking surveys, watching videos or downloading apps. Most tasks take less than a couple of minutes to complete and you will have a guaranteed reward, unlike with giveaways where you need a little bit of luck to earn skins. The only real downside to this method of earning skins is that your rewards are likely going to be very low. However, if you complete many tasks, you will have earned a solid amount of skins. There are some people that take this earning really serious, they can make up to 150$ in 8 hours. However, those people have many devices, two screens etc. to complete multiple tasks at once.

Take surveys

You can take part in surveys to earn skins. The surveys are often just a couple of questions about general things, unrelated to CS:GO. They are very easy to answer most of the time and you can do two or three of them in a row to earn even more skins. Websites like Freeskins offer these kind of surveys for you to take part in. The surveys get used for market research and a part of the money that they pay to the site, gets paid to you for doing the survey.

Play games and download apps

There are apps in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store that gift you free skins for downloading and playing certain games. You can also watch videos or ads to earn skins. On some games you have to reach a certain level or even spend money to get your reward. Other games only require you to download them to earn your reward.