CS:GO Case Opening Sites

Find the best CS:GO Case Opening Sites that still work in 2023

CS:GO Case Opening Sites 2023

4.8 rating
3 Free Cases

4.5 rating
1$ for free

4.3 rating
0.70$ for free

4.0 rating
+5% Deposit Bonus

4.0 rating
+5% Deposit Bonus

3.8 rating
1$ Free Balance

2.3 rating
1$ Free Coins


Finding a good Case Opening Site

If you want to find the best Case Opening Sites for CS:GO, our list is the best way to do so. If you don’t trust our list, you can also compare it to other lists, like the one from CSGOHowl or the one from CSGORat and you will see, that most trusted sites can be found on all lists. DatDrop, Farmskins and CSGORoll can be trusted, are well known for a long time in the scene and have great support.

The good thing about sites like DatDrop and CSGORoll is, that those sites show you the chances for the single items in the case. You can calculate how much you lose when opening a case and how likely it is to profit. Case Opening Sites like Hellcase and Farmskins are also trusted. The problem is that they don’t show the odds of the case, which some players find really fishy.

Opening Cases on CS:GO Websites

You may ask yourself: “Why should I open cases on websites, when I can just open them in Counterstrike?”. The answer to this question is really easy. You should use sites instead of the original CS:GO Cases because sites have a better return. When you open lots of cases in CS:GO, you will get an average return of 30%. This means that you will lose around 70% of your money! For CS:GO Case Opening Sites, it is the other way around. If you would open Cases on CS:GO Sites, you would get around 70% of your money back, which means you only lose around 30% on average.

In the long run, opening CS:GO Cases online or in-game will make you lose your money. However, the chances that you win something, that is worth more than what you have to pay to open the case, are higher on CS:GO Case Opening Sites.
Our list can help you to find a good CS:GO Case Opening Site, that fits to your personal needs.

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