Farmskins is a very popular case opening site with great features. Here is our review:

  • Many cool cases
  • Instant CS:GO skin withdraw
  • Daily bonus case
  • Great support
  • No CS:GO skin deposit
  • Not provably fair
  • Not showing odds
  • No case creator

Farmskins is a very popular case opening site and for good reason. The site has a very straightforward design, great gamemodes and a very good customer service. They offer a variety of cases for many different price ranges and also offer other gamemodes besides CS:GO Case Opening.

There’s four gamemodes you can try on Farmskins. Case opening, Upgrade, Contract and Case Battle. Case Opening is pretty self explanatory, you open different cases to earn skins. Upgrade let’s you upgrade a certain skin you earned on Farmskins. You can’t deposit your own skins however. Contract let’s you trade up the skins you earned, you can do a trade up contract with only 3 skins. Case battle is a pretty common gamemode on case opening sites, you can open cases against your friends. Whoever earns the highest value skins will take all the profits.

Creating and using a Promo Code

You can use our code “csgosuite” on Farmskins to get a bonus $1 to open cases.

Farmskins also offers a great affiliate program. You can create an affiliate link and let users sign up on Farmskins over that specific link. The more users you can get to sign up, the higher your rewards will be.

Daily bonus case on Farmskins

Is Farmskins legit?

Yes, Farmskins is most likely legit, but has some big flaws.

They’re one of the most well known and trusted case opening sites. However, like Hellcase, they don’t show the odds for the various cases they offer. This makes the site not provably fair, since users don’t know how high the chances are of earning a certain item in a case. After testing the site we felt like that it is extremly hard to get something good. The site baits you into thinking you can get something nice, but in reality it will always go past the good item and stop on a trash skin. Because they don’t show any odds, you can’t know if you can get a good skin. It could be a one in a million chance to get something good, you would never know. This is extremly problematic as there is no way to find out how high their house edge is. They could take over 50% from their players and noone would notice. Be careful when using this site!

On the other hand an aspect that speaks for their legitimacy is their great support. They offer great customer service with fast response times and very helpful replies. You can contact the support in the bottom right corner of the site. You just add your name, e-mail address and profile URL. Describe your problem as good as possible and they will solve your problem super fast.

Farmskins Details

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4.5 rating