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What is CS:GO Betting and Betting Sites?

CS:GO Betting, also called CS:GO Match Betting is a scene, where players bet skins on professional matches. Some players talk about CS:GO Betting, when they mean CS:GO Gambling. In this article we are going to talk about Match Betting only, not about Gambling.

Here is how Match Betting works: Two professional teams play against each other and you bet on Team A or Team B to win the game. If you guessed the right winner, you will get your skins or coins multiplied. Back in the days, CSGOLounge was the biggest CS:GO Betting Site, but today CSGOEmpire took over and is now the biggest site.
You deposit your skins to the site and get coins for them. You can use your coins to bet on professional CS:GO matches. For example if you bet on Astralis to win a match and the odds for Astralis to win are 1.5, you would win 5 coins, if you bet 10. If your team has a good chance to win, the multiplier will be lower. If your team has a good chance to win, the multiplier will be higher. After you won something, you can go to the Withdraw page and exchange your coins for CS:GO skins.

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CSGOEmpire Match Betting

Match Fixing Scandals

In the past there have been many match fixing scandals, the most popular one was when iBuyPower tried to lose a professional match because they had bet skins on their own defeat. After the public found out about it, all players from iBuyPower that were involved in the match fixing have been banned from tournaments. In China for example, match fixing is still a big problem. Some players are worried about this when betting on CS:GO matches, but you usually don’t have to. If you bet on the big tournaments and not on some small leagues, match fixing is very unlikely.