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Find the best CS2 Gambling Sites that still work in 2023

Best CS:GO Gambling Sites 2023

5.0 rating
Free Case

4.8 rating
3 Free Cases

4.5 rating
Free 500 Bux

4.5 rating
Free Gem Case

4.0 rating
500 Free Coins

3.5 rating
0.10$ Free Coins

3.3 rating
0.25$ Free Gems

3.0 rating
0.10$ Free Coins

2.3 rating
1$ Free Coins


CS:GO Skin Gambling

CS:GO Skin Gambling started gaining popularity in early 2015 with the launch of CSGOJackpot. CSGOJackpot was a classic Jackpot Site, which means you could your skins deposit directly to a pot of skins. The more value your skins had, the higher your chances to win the whole thing. If you didn’t have high value skins you could still win, but it was unlikely. Jackpot was the most popular gambling mode until Steam introduced the trade hold. The trade hold prevented every skin from being traded instantly again, if it was just traded. You had to wait 7 days until you could trade your skins again, this killed Jackpot Sites sadly.

After Jackpot Sites didn’t work anymore, Roulette Sites like CSGOEmpire and CSGORoll took over. To this day, those sites are still active and highly popular amongst the CS:GO Skin Gamblers. The good thing about Roulette Sites is, that you don’t have to wait to withdraw skins. It basically works like this: The user deposits their skins to the site and gets coins for the value. He can use those coins to play Coinflip, Dice or bet on Roulette. If the player has won enough, he can use his coins to withdraw his favourite CS:GO skins.
At this point most Gambling Sites use the CS:GO P2P system for deposits and withdrawals. This means that another user directly takes your skins, if you want to deposit and he wants to withdraw. This makes it easier for both sides and prevents the problem of Valve banning bots of CS:GO Gambling Sites.

Finding the perfect Gambling Site

Finding the right Gambling Site for CSGO isn’t always easy, but we are here to help you. Our list is based on which site is fair, has low fees and is fun to play on. However, some lists online are not honest, because the Gambling Sites pay for higher placements. To find the best site, always make sure to check multiple Gambling Sites lists, like the ones from CS2.eu, CSGOHowl, CSGORat or CSGOGambling Network. You can also always read the reviews and the description to see if you like the site.

Provably Fair Systems

Most CS:GO Gambling Websites listed on CSGOSuite have working provably fair systems. You can use those systems to make sure, that the site can’t manipulate your bets. Provably fair systems provide the user with a client seed that can be compared to the secret seed, to prove that the bet is fair and not manipulated. The regular user will most likely not understand how provably fair works. However, most well-known sites are approved by several experts and confirmed legit.

Curacao eGaming Licenses

Most CS:GO Gambling Sites use Curacao Licenses to be legal in most european and some other countries. You can check the license on the bottom of the page, click the icon to check if the license is still active. Here is an example from Duelbits:

Duelbits License
Duelbits Footer, Curacao License

You can click on “Fairness” to check out their provably fair system or you can click on the Curacao eGaming logo to check out their license and if it is still active.