CS:GO Case Opening

CS:GO Case Opening

CS:GO Case Opening Sites are a great alternative to opening CS:GO cases!

CS:GO Case Openings have tradition in CS:GO and there are lots of website where you can open custom CS:GO cases!

  • Better profit chance than opening CS:GO cases
  • Many custom cases
  • Popular
  • High fees (Up to 30% "Expected Value")
  • High risk to loose
  • Only small chance to win

How CS:GO Case Opening Sites work

CS:GO Case Opening sites are websites that offer custom cases with CS:GO items/skins. If you want to open a case, you need to pay and then you get a random item out of the case. Each item has an indivdual chance to drop and if you have luck, you can get an item which is more worth than the case price itself. But remind that it’s most likely that you’ll get an item which is less worth than the case price. You can see the items and their chances before opening the case.

CS:GO Case Opening Sites 2021

4.0 rating
+5% Deposit Bonus

4.8 rating
3 Free Cases

4.5 rating
1$ for free


Alternative to CS:GO Case Openings

Many people prefer playing on external CS:GO Case Opening Sites because the odds for opening “real” CS:GO cases are not that good. In most cases, the blue items are worth less than 10c and even items with higher rarity are not always that expensive. But be aware that many CS:GO Case Opening Sites work with an “expected value” of up to 30% which means that in average they make 30% profit when you open their cases.

Play responsible

Never play with money you can’t afford to loose because it is likely that you’ll loose your money. Also don’t play if you are underage and if it’s not allowed in your country. If you need help visit https://www.responsiblegambling.org/