CS:GO Roulette

CS:GO Roulette

Bet now on Red, Black or Green and win CS:GO skins.
  • Lots of fun
  • High winnings
  • Good chances
  • Provably Fair
  • Only 3 options
  • Not against other players
  • Very risky
  • Boring over long time

CS:GO Roulette is the most played game on most CS:GO Gambling Site. Compared to regular Roulette, you have less options if you play CS:GO Roulette. You can’t just bet on any number you want, you can just bet on colors. You can only bet on Red (x2), Black (x2) and Green (x14). Some sites use those colors, but CSGOEmpire for example uses CT and T instead of Red and Black.

CS:GO Roulette to win Skins

Most people play Roulette on CS:GO Gambling Sites to win skins and get a better inventory. However, if you just want to skins for the best price, you should stay away from gambling. Just buy them and enjoy them in the game, don’t deposit them on Roulette sites or other gambling sites. If you don’t care about the exact amount of skins that you get and you want to have some fun, Roulette is perfect for you. You can deposit money or skins to a site and bet coins on Red, Green or Black. Playing Roulette can be lots of fun, but you gotta be careful, to not lose all your money. After playing some rounds and maybe winning some extra coins, you can go to the withdraw section. The biggest CS:GO skin withdraw is available on CSGOEmpire. You can get all the popular skins and sometimes even rare ones are available for withdraw.

Strats for Roulette

The best and most popular strategy for Roulette is the Martingale method. You start with a low value that you can afford to lose, let’s take 1 coin for example. You bet that on Red or Black, if you lose the bet you double and bet on the same color again. Here is a quick example of how a martingale could play out:

1 Coin on Red -> Hits Black = Bet lost
2 Coins on Red -> Hits Black = Bet lost
4 Coins on Red -> Hits Red = Bet won
Total spend: 7
Total won: 8
Profit: 1

With this method, you will always get your starting bet, as soon as you win. This can be very profitable, but also very risky over a long time. You need to have many coins for this method, to keep being able to double your bet. It is important that you only double, if you lose the previous round. If you win a round, you go back to your base bet (in this case 1 coin).