CS:GO Jackpot

CS:GO Jackpot

Start now playing CS:GO Jackpot and win CS:GO skins.

The CS:GO Jackpot game is one of the most popular CS:GO Gambling games.

  • High reward, if you win
  • The more you bet, the higher is the chance to win
  • Always a chance to win
  • High risk to loose
  • Always a chance to loose
  • High fees (2-10%)

CS:GO Jackpot Game

Jackpot and especially CS:GO Jackpot is a popular casino game. All players deposit their items into one pot and then a random player wins the pot – chances depend of how much value a player deposited. Already in the early CS:GO gambling days back in 2015, big websites like csgojackpot.com, csgohunt.com & more offered CS:GO Jackpot. For most people, CS:GO Jackpot is one of the more interesting game modes because each round is unique, pots can go very high and you always have a slight chance to win the pot.

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How CS:GO Jackpot works

The pot starts, when two players join the pot. When the round starts, players can deposit their items into the pot. For each 0.01$ value, players get exactly 1 ticket. When the pot is over (either by reaching the time limit, max players or max items – depending on the host), a random ticket will be chosen and the player with the winning ticket wins all items in the pot. Most CS:GO jackpot sites take a commission of usually 2-10% of the pot. You can influence your chance to win by depositing more than your competitors and f.e. get a high chance to win a pot by “sniping” late in the round.

History of CS:GO Jackpot Sites

CS:GO Jackpot sites were one of the first websites where people could gamble with their CS:GO skins. The first websites like CSGOJackpot.com & CSGOHunt.com started with basic functionality but 2015 was just the start for the CS:GO gambling scene. The value of the pots and the playerbase increased in a short period of time and soon pots with a value of 100 000 $+ arised. But 2018 Valve decided to implement a 7 day trade hold for CS:GO items and started to ban many sites which caused many CS:GO gambling sites to stop their service. But until today, there a few websites that still offer CS:GO Jackpot or at least variations of it.