CS:GO Crash

CS:GO Crash

Bet on the graph now and start winning!
  • High rewards possible
  • Popular
  • High risk to loose
  • Crash at 1.00x possible

How to play CS:GO Crash

CS:GO Crash games are very popular in the CS:GO gambling scene. You have a graph/multiplier which starts with 1.00x and increases by time. The graph can crash at any moment and only those who saved their bettings get back their deposit multiplied by the multiplier in the moment of their exit. If the graph crashes, all bettings not saved are gone and go to the CS:GO gambling site. It is also possible that the graph can crash instant so there’s no time to get out of the round. The outcome of the round is determined by a random system.

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High risk, high reward

The problem with CS:GO Crash is that the graph can crash instantly at any every moment – even at 1.00x. So always going out at 1.01x doesn’t work all the time. On the other hand, it is also possible that the multiplier goes up to more than 100.00x which means that you’ll get back (your bet * the multiplier in the moment you left the round). F. e. if you’ve bet 500 coins, the graph increases to 10x without crashing and you go out, you’ll get 5000 coins. But of course, it’s not possible to predict the outcome of a round or when it’s time to save your bet and take your profit until it’s too late. This means that you should not play if it’s not legal for you in your country to do that and especially never play with any money you can’t afford to loose. Don’t play when you are in a situation you shouldn’t make important decision because there is always a chance that you loose all your money. If you need help with responsible gambling go to responsiblegambling.org for help.